Expert Author Olachi Amah

We have seen lots of books, websites and other materials illustrating the best ways to get what we want done. We follow specific instructions outlined for us by the writer believing that it will help us achieve the same results as it has, for other people; sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. For students, we all have our academic capabilities, and things that can spur us to reach our certain goals. There are different reading pattern for different people and also other different forms of learning. Some people assimilate more during the day while others assimilate more during the night. if in the cause of studies, you find out that your friend, who assimilates more during the day, passes with good grades and it is like you are not as good as him or her, it does not mean that studying during the day would be the best for you if your ability is not in tune with that. So many people have followed the path of others hoping they will achieve the same success as they.

Before I discovered what worked for me as a student, I was carried away by the way my mates study. We never had the same system of learning. Some of them preferred using diagrams than notes, but I wanted to have their level of understanding, so I started studying with pictures and diagrams, not knowing that reading notes was my own way of assimilating. And with time, the performance I had in class was actually worse than I anticipated even though we all studied together. So I had to sit down to discover myself to know what works for me and how to improve on it and I am better for it now.

People were made differently; if you are reading books and instructions on ways to improve on a certain aspect of your life and it does not go well as you planned, it should not bother you. Discover yourself, know your weakness and your strength, know your pros and cons. There is no one that knows you better than you do. And if you are sincere enough to admit your weaknesses to yourself, you can definitely know what works for you. It is not always a good idea to follow the style of others. Create your own style according to your comfort and abilities.



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