Expert Author Michael O Ogunfuye

Does anybody feel that we have enough options of the anti aging treatments already? Such a person may be in for some sort of surprise.

Just very recently a group of scientists in Spain successfully completed a test of the new gene therapy. The result of this test is very encouraging.

It was found that this therapy can revert or delay aging and age related ailments such as osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases.

The scientists chose a safe virus and replaced its viral genes with the genes of telomerase.

Let's take a brief detour into the telomerase story. In organism cells, there is an organelle called Chromosome. These chromosomes are rod-like structures that help to transfer genetic traits from parents to offspring. The Telomerase stays on the ends of the chromosomes, which is called telomere, in order to strengthen it, and help the cell to continue to divide and multiply in number.

As an organism grows, the chromosomes keeps dividing up, and as the chromosomes divide up in order to increase in number, the telomerase weakens. Hence, the more the cells divide up, the lesser its ability to further divide because the telomerase that strengthens its telomeres is weakening as the divisions go on.

The aim of this test is to show that telomerase can reverse and delay age related health problems and that it did in the subjects on which it was tested. They infected rats with the virus that is now carrying telomerase genes which helped to deposit these telomerase genes in the cells of the organism. This make the cells to continue the healthy division that kept the organisms' body in optimum condition when they were younger.

In humans, the cell divisions and telomerase action are present only in the unborn child, by the time the child is born, it has no more or very little telomerase in its body cells, and except for special conditions, there is no telomerase in adults. These exception is humans with cancer. The abnormal cells that give rise to cancerous cells contain enough telomerase to keep them multiplying, almost without end. The presence of telomerase in healthy body cells increases the body resistance to cancer.

Cell division takes place basically in young organisms, because that is when the telomerase is strongest. So, as an organism ages, the telomerase weakens and the cells continue to accrue damages that lead to the age related ailments. This test showed that telomerase can reverse or delay aging and its related health problems.



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