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We have existed among you for centuries. Vampires, Werewolves. Centuries ago when the world was cloaked in darkness vampires and werewolves ruled the nights and evil doers ruled the day The blood of the innocent was spilled nightly. A secret society known as the Order rose up from the darkness to protect the innocent humans that often got caught in the cross hairs. Vampires and Werewolves battled over territories and as with all fights innocent lives were lost. Something had to be done..

A society almost a thousand years old, the Orders purpose when it first came into being was to rid the world of vampires, werewolves and any supernatural that posed a threat to the human race. Then something changed, what... is unknown. What is known is this; after that moment, the Orders purpose changed. They no longer believed it was their job to rid the world supernaturals.

Now they believed it was their purpose to protect all innocent life. All of them from each other and themselves. Many did not believe they were wrong in this endeavor, especially when it came to the humans.

Then five hundred years ago a truce, a pact if you will, was forged between the three. Humans were excluded because they were not yet ready to know supernaturals were among them. Within the pact, each race had their own set of do's and don'ts. Laws if you will, guidelines that it would be best to abide by.

Now what is the Orders part in all this?

The Order wants nothing more than to keep the peace no matter what, or so they say. Of course, the Order keeps all secrets but they also keep their own. Still there are those who often wonder what they are hiding.

In fact keeping the peace is their creed, their code. Keep the peace no matter what. The Order has people to do this. They are known as Orderlies. They are called Seekers, Watchers and Hunters or enforcers. These people make sure each race follows their set of rules. Those who seek them do not know much about them other then this; they have put the fear of god in to all those who do not believe they have to follow the laws set to their race. This fear has allowed them to keep order for over 500 years.

20 years ago it was decided the humans should be allowed to know what some of them always believed to be true. As any one can imagine some people are ready, but most are not. The human race became divided into two sets. The mainstream society and the underworld society, to most this was nothing new. the human race has always been divided in one way or another.

The mainstream society remained in the dark about supernaturals and even the Orders presence was limited. Then there was the underworld society, Here humans knew the truth and joined the pact, but they too have their own set of laws they must a here to or face the wrath of the Order.

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