Expert Author Olachi Amah

Life sometimes is like football. If you are the goalkeeper, and a goal is about to take place, you will do everything to catch the ball to prevent it from entering the net; because if you don't, it is going to be against you. Life comes with different good opportunities depending on what you are supposed to do and also, depending on being in the right place at the right time. The goalkeeper has to be at the right place (goal post) at the right time (time when the ball is approaching the net). The players are not left out too, because whoever has the ball, would like to use that same opportunity to score a goal. Our destinies have already been outlined for us, fashioned in a way that one event lead to another for us to achieve what we are called to fulfill. And these events present themselves as opportunities for them to occur. Someone who is in tune with the spirit will know when to grab an opportunity that will help him achieve his goals.

POOR simply means "Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly". It means that for you not to be poor, you have to be prepared. Study to show yourself approved unto God. You must sit down to study so that people will stand up for you tomorrow. Opportunities come for every prepared person. Some people have taken procrastination to another level as a result of laziness and not being alert. Someone can go to the farm to hunt for game. But what is the need for it when he cannot prepare it for consumption. There are things that God has invested inside of us and he will not waste his time doing that if he did not bring the chance for us to use them. We do not sit down in our houses and expect God to work on our behalf, when he has already given us the resources and also the brain to use them. He cannot bring that Job to your doorstep if you cannot go out there to look for it. You cannot get that promotion if you do not use every opportunity you see, to work hard and impress your boss. It is not enough to confess the faith and the promises of God. Faith without works is dead!



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