Expert Author Richard Brody
If you are, like many other Americans, you've got probably been, somewhat, concerned, about the extent of polarization, we witness today! It seems, never before, in recent memory, has there been, such a lot distrust, partisanship, etc, as there's , today! rather than bringing people, together, for the greater good, President Donald Trump, is taken into account , by many, because the Great Divider! the mixture of his rhetoric/ vitriol, false, and/ or, misleading statements (Political fact - checkers state, his rate of creating these sorts of remarks, is, unheard - of), and, his apparent desire to motivate, and encourage his core supporters, without seeming to worry , deeply, about others, creates this significant - divide! thereupon in mind, this text will plan to , briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 factors, which have added - to, this polarizing atmosphere.

1. Prejudice/ bias/ feeling oppressed: When, the federal , seems to support, aggressive Police behavior, especially, when it, involves, the unfortunate number of deaths, and injuries, to minority individuals! the present , Black Lives Matters, movement, happened , after several individuals, especially, African - Americans, were, either seriously, injured, or died, after apparent abuse of power, etc, by a few, Police Officers! Is there anyone, who can, actually, believe, there's no reason, to feel oppressed, etc, and, if you, were in their place, you would not feel similarly?

2. Systemic racism: Whether, it involves, housing, education, employment opportunities, job creation, quality of jobs, crime/ safety, equal treatment by Police, and, the Courts, etc, we often, witness, a concerning pattern of systemic racism, in many areas, of yank life!

3. Self - interest, rather than the greater/ common good: Too often, we witness, more self - interest, than equal justice, rights, and delight , by - all! Why does it seem, so few, public officials, put public policy/ needs, before their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self - interest? Why, even during this horrific pandemic, can we fail to ascertain , these politicians, do the proper thing, and supply the required aid, etc, numerous impacted people, are experiencing?

4. Economy/ jobs/ wages: When President Trump, seems to equate, the standard and performance of the economy, with how the stock exchange performs, most middle - class Americans, are, at - best, under - served! While, before the pandemic, we had a lower percentage , the wages, and quality of the many of those positions, favored the wealthiest Americans, and largest corporations, over, the greater good!

5. Courts: Statistics, clearly, indicate, minorities, especially, people - of - color, are stopped, detained, and charged, by Police, at a significantly greater rate, than their White counterparts! The punishments, given, for similar crimes, etc, are, statistically, much more severe, and greater, to minorities, than others!

We need, a nation, where life, liberty, and therefore the pursuit - of - justice, and equal rights, and treatment, are necessities! awaken , America, and demand better!


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